BMC Builders are roofers in Canterbury Kent

Are you looking for a new roof over your head? Perhaps you need repairs to your current one? Regardless, BMC Builders Kent Limited have the tools, expertise and care to ensure that you’re kept suitably sheltered. After all, a home is hardly a home if it can’t protect you against the elements!

Whether you’re looking for a pitched roof or flat roof, or indeed something different altogether, we can undoubtedly help.

Types of roofs and Repairs

Nowadays, it isn’t as simple as choosing one kind of roof or another. Indeed, it’s essential to consider the specifics. Below are just a few examples of what BMC Builders Kent Limited can do. However, depending on what you’re looking for, we can construct/repair other types, too.

  • Pitched Roofs: This popular roof type is usually covered with tiles or slates, which either fix or clip over battens. In turn, these battens sit on a roofing membrane nailed to the rafters below. The battens are fixed at regular intervals according to the gauge (the distance between battens). The specifications differ depending on the tile manufacturer. Ultimately, each tile must overlap the tile below. If you’re unsure about what tiles you currently have or soon need, BMC Builders Kent Limited can provide assistance.
  • Flat Roofs: In essence, a flat roof is any type with a slope of less than 10°. However, in practice, they tend to be much shallower. Flat roofs are ideal for private residences, apartments with roof terraces, extensions, garage conversions and commercial buildings. Similar to there being specific types of pitched roofs (including mono-pitch and collar roofs), flat roof options vary significantly. Indeed, when it comes to flat roofs, there are several choices. The most common kinds, however, are “EPDM” and “GRP”.
  •  EPDM Flat Roof Coverings: “EPDM” stands for “Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer”. This is essentially a synthetic rubber roofing material, which is often explicitly manufactured for flat roofs. It has only recently become popular in the UK despite its many benefits over other types. It is reliable, eco-friendly, flexible, durable, and boasts at least a 50-year life expectancy. It is relatively low-cost, as well as low maintenance. What’s more, it can even be used to overlay old roofs (subject to a structurally sound deck).
  • GRP Flat Roof Coverings: This term stands for “Glass Reinforced Plastic”, also known as fibreglass. It consists of a matting of glass fibre strands used in conjunction with a flexible resin compound. This ultimately cures for a sturdy and durable finish. Some might know it as the material used for marine craft such as boats and yachts. Others might recognise the term due to its association with car bodies and aircraft manufacture. Perhaps best of all, construction authorities and home insurers note it as a premium flat roofing solution.

Why Choose us?

Trust, care and efficiency are three factors particularly crucial to those looking for Builders in Kent. Here at BMC Builders Kent Limited, we can confidently guarantee these elements and many, many more.

For starters, we’re proud to have been accredited by The Federation of Master Builders,, and Trustmark.

Since 2011, FMB, in particular, have made it a requirement that all builders pass an independent inspection before joining. Since 2015, FMB has also inspected existing members every three years. We have met these exceptionally high standards on every occasion.

We offer knowledgeable advice and thorough workmanship, the product of training and qualifications. Furthermore, where possible, we use hand-picked materials from reputable suppliers in your area. In other words, we strive to support local business.

Throughout the project, however long it takes, you can expect punctuality and, of course, politeness. Any quotes given will be detailed and transparent.

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Our mission is to provide the residents of Canterbury with a no hassle Building service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines & offer excellent value.

We always strive for growth and development. We don’t want to have a large team, we want to have a team that works in unity.