Groundworkers in Kent

A new home or structure, like many other aspects of life, begins with the foundations. This often marks the beginning of a remarkable journey that sees your vision become a reality. Here at BMC Builders Kent Limited, we can offer just that and much, much more.

We specialise in groundworks from initial planning to excavations to the final concentrate pour. Indeed, from start to finish, regardless of the job in mind, you can count on us.

Groundworks We Do

BMC Builders Kent Limited can work with a variety of structures, as well as different types of foundations. This includes, but is not limited to:

Strip Footing

This consists of a continuous strip formed centrally under load-bearing walls. In essence, it serves as a level base on which a wall is built. The width is of particular importance because it must transfer the load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity.

Today, concrete is the material principally used for foundations. This is because it can be readily placed, spread and levelled in foundation trenches, thus providing a base for walls. It also develops adequate compressive strength as it hardens, which ultimately supports the load on foundations.

Raft Foundation

This is, in essence, a concrete slab predominantly used to spread the load from a structure over a large area. Indeed, it most commonly covers the entire area of the structure. Raft Foundations should be used when column loads or other structure loads are close together.

Although often associated with commercial buildings, Raft Foundations can also work well with domestic housing projects. They tend to be cheaper and quicker to use than traditional footings. The reason for this is twofold. First, the foundation and floor slab are combined, thus saving time and materials. Second, less excavation is required, which likewise reduces the construction period.


Drainage is an important factor to consider when it comes to groundworks in Kent. This is because subsoil drainage can be used to improve ground stability. Furthermore, it can lower the moisture content of a site. Laying a land or French drain is the easiest method of dealing with surplus water.

To achieve this, a pipe is placed in small trenches surrounded by shingle to allow water through while filtering our silt. Having access points to any drainage system for cleaning, clearing and inspection, is also integral. BMC Builders Kent Limited can ensure that this is the case.

Why Choose Us?

Here at BMC Builders Kent Limited, we can confidently guarantee experience, care and commitment. What’s more, we offer knowledgeable advice and thorough workmanship, the product of lengthy training and hard-earned qualifications.

Where possible, we hand-pick materials from reputable, local suppliers. Regardless of how long the project takes, you can expect punctuality and, of course, politeness from all of our team.

We understand that having ‘strangers’ in or around your home can be a daunting prospect. However, our accreditations prove that we’re trustworthy in more than one way. BMC Builders Kent Limited are particularly proud to be associated with The Federation of Master Builders,, and Trustmark.

If you’d prefer to know more about us on a somewhat more personal level, be sure to read our testimonials.

Other Services:

While establishing groundworks might be a start, BMC Builders can oversee your project right until its completion. We can help with everything from plumbing and heating to loft conversions and roofing. Save hassle and avoid stress by having us around to ensure your project is as perfect as it can be. You won’t regret it.

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Our mission is to provide the residents of Canterbury with a no hassle Building service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines & offer excellent value.

We always strive for growth and development. We don’t want to have a large team, we want to have a team that works in unity.