Design & Build

Once you’ve set your mind to have something built, for example an extension, there are several stages that require consideration. At first glance, this can seem daunting. However, BMC Builders Kent Limited can walk you through the entire process. Indeed, from the early stages of planning to the finishing touches of construction, you can count on us.

Planning Permission

Depending on the project, you may require planning permission. This essentially determines whether you’re allowed to go ahead with your idea. The UK government has given this responsibility to local planning authorities.

Usually, this refers to the planning department of your local council. As such, we recommend that you first contact the powers-that-be to find out whether your project needs planning permission. Learn more about the criteria on the website Planning Permission

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are set standards for the design and construction of buildings, with particular emphasis on health and safety. The UK government upholds these standards to ensure all work undertaken is done so in an ‘acceptable’ manner.

However, similar to planning permission, not all projects require approval. It very much depends on what you have in mind. Nevertheless, it’s vital to check if you need it before you construct or change buildings in certain ways. You can learn more about if and when you need approval on the website Building Regulations section.

Party Wall Notices

The need to hand out a party wall notice typically only applies to those who share a wall with their neighbour. This is most common with terrace or semi-detached houses.

It may also, however, include garden walls built over a boundary and planned excavations close to a neighbour’s property. Loft Conversions, in particular, are a good example of when you might need to serve a party notice. Find out more on the website in reference to Party Wall Notices.

Design & Build

Once the planning logistics have been sorted, it’s time to think about the designing and building of your project. BMC Builders Kent Limited use the highly-skilled architectural consultants’ company, DCM Architects, to provide these services.

This reputable team specialises in a plethora of duties from residential to interior to even sustainable design. They can also help with design research, space planning and project management. Together, we have re-integrated the roles of a designer and constructor to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Building Inspections

A relatively common occurrence during the construction of your project might be visits from building inspectors. Having these inspections is an essential factor for ultimately getting building regulations approval. Those who visit will be professionals with a complete working knowledge of the many regulations.

Their job will be to make sure that, upon completion, your project has been built in the best way possible. Nowadays, you might have the opportunity to ‘choose’ your inspector. This refers to whether they come from a local authority or a government-approved building inspection company. Either way, all inspectors are registered with the Construction Industry Council.

Building Completion Certificate

Upon the completion of all work and following a final inspection, you will receive a building completion certificate. This, in essence, proves that the building work on the property meets building regulations and, perhaps most importantly, is safe.

Once you have this in hand, the work should be done. Now, all that is left is to sit back, relax and admire your completed project.

Recent Projects

Extension in Hoath, Canterbury: Completed Nov 19

Completed in November 2019

Completed extension work by BMC Builders

Extensions in Biddenden, Ashford June 2020

Completed June 2020

Exterior view of completed conservatory by BMC Builders

Two Story Extension in Canterbury 2021

Northwood Road Extension 2021


Annex and Extension Build in Broadstairs 2022

Extension Built in 2021 – Beach Walk in Whitstable

Total Rebuild / Renovation in whitstable 2022

Extension and Porch Build in Whitstable 2022

Extension in Westgate-on-Sea

Completed September 2019

BMC Builders built extension garage balcony

Extension in Canterbury

Completed August 2019

BMC Builders large extension nearly complete

Two Story Extension in Whitstable, Kent

Completed March 2020

Exterior view of extension work in progress

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