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When your family, business or sense of wellbeing can no longer fit within its present environment, build an extension. While some opt to move house entirely, this isn’t feasible for everyone. Choosing to have an extension in Kent makes for an excellent alternative. Not only is it less costly, but it also causes less upheaval in our daily lives.

If you love your home, but need extra space, BMC Builders Kent Limited can help make your vision a reality. 

Things to Consider with an Extension 

While it’s always exciting starting a new project, there are several factors to think about before going ahead with plans. First and foremost, it’s vital that you own the available land adjacent to your property.

Without this, your options are somewhat limited. Furthermore, it’s essential to note that house extensions can, in certain situations, create hassle. After all, it may mean that, for a few weeks or months, you can’t use your drive or garden.

Before any development / building works can take place, you may need to consider the prospect of planning permission. Depending on the circumstances, this determines whether you’re allowed to go ahead with a building project. Your extension in Kent will also need to meet building regulations. These are set standards for the design and construction of buildings, with health and safety in mind. 

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Different Types of Extensions

Nowadays, it isn’t as simple as choosing either a single-storey or two-storey extension. Putting aside the fact that some houses can be three or even four storeys high, the specific design is key. There are many types of extensions, including the following: 

Single Storey Extension 

Put simply, a single story extension refers to development that takes place on only one floor of your property. Broadly speaking, this is the most popular type of extension, one used to add space to kitchens and living rooms. In years gone by, it often consisted of a simple, flat-roofed ‘box’. Today, things have changed dramatically.

  • Rear Extension: This is, as its name suggests, an extension that quite literally extends out from the back of your property. It is the perfect option for those wishing to create a dream kitchen with an island. It also makes for an excellent choice if you’d like to achieve an open-plan living space. Perhaps even a new dining room is in order? 
  • Side Return Extension: Providing, of course, you own the space at the side of your property, you can opt for a side-return extension. This essentially stretches your home into, say, an alleyway so that it looks and feels bigger. Best of all, this comes without sacrificing too much space. It is a common choice with Victorian homes, in particular. Despite being a relatively small extension, it can have a huge, beneficial impact. 
  • Wrap-Around Extension: Can’t decide between a side return or rear extension? If you have the space available, why not opt for a wrap-around extension? This is a combination of the two. It can provide maximum space while dramatically altering the feel and shape of your home. Originally the brainchild of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, wrap-around extensions have since become popular in the UK, too.
  • Double Storey Extension: When it comes to maximising space as much as one can, the best choice is undoubtedly a double-storey extension. It means that you can have a bigger or additional living area downstairs while having, say, an extra bedroom upstairs. Whatever you choose to do with it, expect ample room to wander contentedly through your property once it’s complete. What more could you want? 

Other Building Services

As it turns out, BMC Builders Kent Limited has much more to offer! After an extension, there is always the option of having a garage conversion, for example. Alternatively, you could opt for some landscaping in the garden! Just be sure to choose BMC Builders Kent Limited for all your construction needs. You won’t regret it. 

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