Why Have a Conservatory:

Conservatories were very popular in Victorian and Edwardian times and, with the introduction of modern building techniques, have become an affordable and desirable part of modern-day living. In fact, over a quarter of a million were built in 2006.

For many people they are an ideal way of acquiring more living space without having to move house. In many instances planning permission is not needed and, , they are almost guaranteed to add value to your property.

They provide a versatile space and can be used as a sun room, dining room, breakfast room, family den, study or even kitchen. One of the real advantages of conservatories over any other type of extension, is that they let in the light and warmth from the garden whilst at the same time providing shelter from the elements

Conservatories have traditionally been built on the back of properties, leading out to the garden, although it is possible to have them on the side or even the front. Since they are designed to feel part of the garden they are almost exclusively built on ground floor level, although there is no real reason (apart from planning implications) why they cannot be built on an upper level, depending on the design of your house.

Windows and Doors:

If your windows need upgrading or your having an extension, we can offer a vast variety of windows and doors to suit you and your property. All of our windows and doors are bespoke so what ever the size or even the colour we can supply and fit .

we can offer roof lanterns and velux's of all shapes and sizes to your home where it may be lacking light,

whether its pvc , aluminium or timber… we can supply and fit to new and existing openings.