Why have an Extension

Growing your family or just want to up size? Why move? Why not have an extension? . We all know moving can be stressful and sometimes costly. Maybe you like your house but due to a new addition you need more space. An extension can radically improve your current property giving you the extra space you need.

Adding an extension to your house is obviously dependent on whether or not you have the available land adjacent to your property. If it is available, an extension may be a more viable option compared to moving house, especially in areas where the difference in price of a house compared to the next size up is a daunting prospect. House extensions can create hassle: you may not be able to use your drive or garden for a few months.

You have the advantage that you don’t need to move, and therefore, you are not dependent on selling your property and finding a new one that suits your needs – both within a time limit.


Single storey extensions are probably the archetype house extension, often in the past; it was a simple flat roofed box usually on the rear or side of the house. This has to some extent changed over the last decade or so with an increasing preference for pitched roofs partly due to a perceived improved appearance and partly due to greater longevity. Ironically this has happened at a time when some architects have designed some ‘cutting edge’ house extensions with flat roofs and roofing technology has improved significantly such that a good flat roof should have a long life.

The most usual case of a multiple storey extension is a two-storey house extension but occasionally more may be possible. In addition whilst the height of an extension would generally be equal or less that the original building there may be occasions, for example when the original house is lower than surrounding properties, that a greater height may be possible. As with internal alterations a greater number of storeys than the original building maybe possible even where to the same building height – provided of course there is sufficient latitude within the ceiling heights for this to be achieved.